Using Press Releases to Grow your Business

Let's start with the question, What is press release? Online Press Release is broadly defined as using new technology to effectively communicate with stakeholders over the Internet. When a business is attempting to increase online reach through PR, a number of tools can be used. One of these is the company’s own website. It is the ideal place to host value-added content that supports broader off-site PR campaigns where people are encouraged to click back to a company’s site, and where user engagement can be tracked and measured.

The objective of Online Press Release is to raise awareness of a company or its brand among the broader online community and to generate interest that takes advantage of the viral potential of online social media. It is a way of exhibiting prominent, newsworthy stories about a product, brand, or company to as many viewers as possible. It is similar to standard press releases submitted to offline print media channels, but has the added flexibility of enabling content creators to include multi-media content, such as videos, as well as links and supporting digital files.

What are the Benefits of Press Release?

1. Instant Exposure
2. Increased Sales Potential
3. The Chance to Boost the Effectiveness of Your Marketing Plan
4. The Opportunity to Brand Yourself as an Industry Expert
5. Increased Traffic to Your Website
6. Important SEO Benefits
7. A New Opportunity to Reach Your Targeted Audience
8. The Perfect Occasion to Distribute Your Content Across Different Channels
9. A Solid Relationship with Journalists
10. A Cost-Effective Method to Attract Deep-Pocketed Investors

As a small or medium business owner with limited resources, how could you spread the word about your company and products in the most effective manner?

You know that content is king and distribution is queen, you want to bet everything on stellar copy that will sweep your potential buyers off their feet and make them daydream about your merchandise and talk about it in their sleep.

Ways a Press Release can Grow your Business

Aside from bringing credibility and allowing you to stay in the public eye, press releases can also boost your profit margins, by highlighting the most remarkable key benefits and features of your products that position your merchandise on top of any other alternatives currently available on the market.

If you're not sure about what you should cover in a press release, consider these ideas to see if any apply to your business:

  • Opening up branch or satellite offices
  • Receiving an appointment
  • Celebrating an anniversary
  • Starting a new business
  • Introducing a new product or services
  • Announcing a partnership
  • Announcing a public appearance on television, radio or in person
  • Announcing free information available
  • Launching a website
  • Establishing a unique vendor agreement
  • Expanding or renovating the business
  • Obtaining a new, significant customer
  • Announcing a workshop or seminar
  • Making public statements on future business trends or conditions
  • Forming a new strategic partnership or alliance
  • Setting up a customer advisory group
  • New technological developments
  • and many more ...

Each event that we’ve mentioned is newsworthy enough to command attention and put you and your business into the spotlight for a certain period of time. 

Since, you already know about what press release is, and what it does. We will help you distributing your article. Either you don't have an article to distribute, or you already have and just wanted to distribute it. We will help you.

We will distribute your Press Release to over 1,400 media sites.

Massive Media Attention ... How Loud Do You Want To Be Heard?

Today more than ever, people like to go with the most current, most relevant and the most 'happening' products, services and businesses. They want to see you in The News. Getting in The News gives you credibility, social proof and heaps of embedded authority. It also makes you far more visible. In short, you're going to generate more exciting leads.

Increase your online reputation. To be Known, Liked and Trusted is the ultimate goal of just about every good PR Campaign.

In almost every industry we've seen, the business with the best known and best received Reputation is the most successful... yet so few businesses make this the focus of their Marketing!

Submitting a Press Release is hands down the best and most cost-effective way to enhance your Reputation with the masses (and within your industry) while getting you known by more people than ever before.

More Attention – More Exposure – More Leads – More Success

Want to see just some of the places we can get you featured?

How to Use Press Releases to Help You Grow Your Business

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What video marketing can do with your business?

Video marketing is the hottest new trend. Shoppers who viewed product videos were 144% more likely to add the product to their cart. Video with a good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has a 53% higher chance of showing up on page one of Google searches. When done correctly, video can tell a story and stories connect people. Video also leads to an emotional trigger that plain text cannot accomplish.
Sight, sound and motion are much more compelling than static words on a page. Video is very hypnotic and it quickly speeds up the "know, like and trust," factor with your audience. In this course you will discover how to use simple online video to quickly bond with your viewer, drive traffic to your website, boost business and build brand awareness. 
Find out how to shoot simple, effective videos without costly fancy equipment or savvy technical skills. Discover the secrets to creating content that commands attention. Learn how to dominate Google and YouTube with your video and to strategically use YouTube to market your business 24/7 -- even while you sleep.
Your business will be visible on top search in google and youtube in your local city. You need to rank on Google so customer will discover your business.
Videos rank better than websites, but the traffic converts 10x better!
The statistics shows that ...
Between 64-85% people are more likely to buy after watching a video…
70% of people are more likely to buy a product after watching a TV commercial than do after reading a newspaper ad…
Any light bulbs going off for you? (AHA!)
The secret every smart marketer already knows…

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What we can do? We can create videos for you or you can give us your videos and we will spin your videos and rank it in Google and Youtube!
We can put spokesperson for the intro and outro of your videos like the video sample above.
We have scripts for you to choose from.
Here are some of our actors...

Here are some proofs that our videos rank in first page in Google!

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Online Reputation Management For Every Businesses

Reputation of every business is everything. Online reputation is how others see you when they look for you online . It can make you or break you. Have you tried to google yourself? What do you see? Are you represented fairly?

It’s a crazy thing, but people trust reviews online, your customers, think what they see is what they get if they chose your business. So, if they get to see negative reviews, false comments or incorrect posts and feedback about your company or products, they may believe that you are not a reliable company. They will look often on those businesses who has better reviews and lots of reviews. Lots of reviews mean lots of customers.

Studies have a shown that a large number of customers share their experiences with others. Interestingly, the internet is their first stop for everything. They may decide to buy a product or service if the feedback is positive. A clean online reputation, one that’s well-guarded, is likely to play an important role here.  So, the duty lies on you, to make them believe that you are good. When you defend your reputation, you do exactly that.

No matter how “under the radar” or “low-tech” your lifestyle, there is a good quantity of information about you online—and people are seeing it.

If someone writes something negative about you online, it can put you at a serious disadvantage over the long term—especially if you’re not aware of it. You might never know why you didn’t get that apartment you wanted, or why a job offer never materialized after that phenomenal interview.

It’s important to keep tabs on what people are saying about you online and then take steps to correct any inaccuracies.

That is why, we’re here for you. We will help you with your Online Reputation. How?

We will ...
  • Suppress damaging content from showing up in the search results
  • Push down harmful reviews on the major review sites
  • Neutralize bad review by flooding the search results with positive reviews
  • Post positive reviews that reflects your company's true image
We will post all 5 star reviews on your citation pages!

Let brandyourselfservices fix these problems for you.

So if you have no real online reputation, or you have a negative online reputation, or even if you want to grow your reputation so that you will always be ahead of your competition.

brandyourselfservices can help you through this tricky situation.

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